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Importance of CFU-GM number for prediction of hematological reconstitution after low CD34+ cell dose autotransplantation in children

Yanina I. Isaikina, Valery I. Martinevsky, Nina V. Minakovskaya, Yury S. Strongin, Olga V. Aleinikova

Belarusian Research Centre for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Minsk, Belarus

Isaikina Yanina I., Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Pos. Lesnoe-2, 223040, Minsk reg., Belarus, Phone: +375-17-265-40-89, Fax: +375-17-265-42-22

doi 10.3205/ctt-2009-No5-abstract27



The insufficiency of CD34+ cell numbers at the time of peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collection is frequently observed in children after multiple blocks of chemotherapy.


To detect the additional parameter of transplant quality for the prediction of successful hematological reconstitution after auto-PBSC transplantation with low doses of CD34+ cells in graft.


Forty-one children with malignances – who had received CD34+cells/kg <2х106 – were included in our study evaluating the correlations between CD34+cell/kg and CFU-GM/kg at different dose levels ≥2х105/kg and <2х105/kg and the time of hematopoietic recovery. A Mann-Whitney U test and multivariate correlation method were used to evaluate the importance of each graft parameter for the prediction of engraftment.


There was no correlation between CD34+ cell dose and the time of engraftment in these pts. A high level of correlation was detected between the number of CFU-GM/kg infused and the time of  neutrophil (r=-0.67, p<0.05), platelet (r=-0.3, p<0.05), and/or first reticulocyte ›2‰ (r=-0.66, p<0.05) reconstitution. Infusion of CFU-GM/kg ≥2х105/kg (n=26) resulted in rapid short–term neutrophil >0.5x109/l and platelet >20x109/l recovery (10 days (5–13) and 22 days (8–57), respectively) compared with CFU-GM/kg <2х105/kg (n=15) (13 days (11–21) and 25 days (10–95), respectively) (p<0.05).

Long-term hematopoietic recovery platelet counts >50x109/l were 31 days (range: 9–81) in CFU–GM/kg ≥2х105/kg infusion.

We conclude that the number of CFU-GM/kg was the most important parameter for predicting the auto-PBSC with CD34+ cell dose <2x106/kg engraftment. The minimal recommended number of CFU-GM is 2x105/kg for the efficacy of hematopoietic recovery after auto-PBSCT.


autotransplantation, CFU-GM, insufficiency of CD34+ cells, engraftment

Volume 2, Number 1(5)

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doi 10.3205/ctt-2009-No5-abstract27

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