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Клеточная терапия и трансплантация

1. Are there any article charges?

Authors can publish in CTT without any article charges.

2. Are there author guidelines?

CTT recommends you consider the guidelines which can be found on the CTT website (

3. How can I submit my contribution?

In particular, CTT wishes to encourage authors who have not made their name internationally yet. No statements by extra referees are needed since our peer reviewers will judge by themselves. If English is not among your mother tongues, please make sure reviewers are not distracted by an insufficient level of English. Please supply your own abstract and keywords, and, if possible, an extended abstract in Russian, also with keywords. 

For the time being, submission by e-mail to and/or is perfectly fine with us. As soon as our upload function is ready, you are free to choose this new feature on the CTT site instead. 

4. How can I check the status of my article?

We keep you up to date as to which phase of production your article is in. The sooner you send your contribution or revised version, the sooner it can be accepted and published. In case of any particular question, please feel free to contact our Managing Editor and/or

5. Are any changes made to my article after it was accepted?

After article acceptance, we send you a copy-edited version which in some cases may highlight passages the English wording of which seem unclear. We recommend you use the copy-edited language check as your final version. If any linguistic or typographical errors are discovered during the production process (hmtl and pdf), these are amended without extra communication if they are considered of minor importance. In all other cases, our Managing Editor will get into touch with you again.

6. Can I see a preview of my article?

Yes, as soon as your contribution has been produced in html online, we send you a preview (digital proofs) of your article, for you to check it within 48-hours. The preview period may be renewed in case you need more time. Please ensure that you check the preview version thoroughly.

7. Author license

The CTT author license says that copyright is retained by you, the authors, and that by sending us your final version you confirm that no rights of third parties have been infringed on. We recommend you choose a Creative Commons license to go with your article. For the exact wording of the CTT author license, please contact our Managing Editor ( 

8. Is there a print version?

Print versions may be produced as complimentary copies. The print versions and the pdf versions are of identical layout, so instead of getting a print copy you might consider clicking on the pdf version on the CTT website.

9. Where is CTT indexed?

CTT content is already being indexed in the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals, as well as in CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service, and in Scientific Commons (, in Scopus database and more to come.

10. How can I read pdf files?

pdf is a standard file format which can be read with a programme called Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from the Adobe company site.

11. What is "open access"?

"Open access (OA) means that scholarly literature is made freely available on the internet, so that it can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, searched, text mined, or used for any other lawful purpose, without financial, legal or technical barriers, subject to proper attribution of authorship." (Research Information Network, "Getting your feet wet: An introduction to Open Access", June 2010, p. 3)