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Клеточная терапия и трансплантация

The identification of a new HLA-B*44:02:17 allele of the three members of an African-American family

Yury A. Serov 1,2
1 Raisa Gorbacheva Memorial Institute of Children’s Hematology, Oncology, and Transplantation, The First I. P. Pavlov State Medical University, St. Petersburg, Russia. 2 HLA Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Cellular Therapy and Transplantation (CTT)
Volume 7, Number 3


The identification of the new allele HLA-B*44:02:17 was described, which was found in a family of African American individuals during the HLA typing of a patient for a bone marrow transplant. The new HLA-B*44:02:17 allele differs from HLA-B*44:02:01:01 by one synonymous nucleotide change at position 606 b.p., codon 178, Exon 3 (ACG > ACC, Thr – Silent change). In addition, extended sequences of HLA-B*44:02:17, beyond exons 2 and 3 was reported by cloning and full-length SBT 3.5 kb fragment extending from the 5’ untranslated region to the 3’ untranslated region. The name B*44:02:17 has been officially assigned by the WHO Nomenclature Committee. The nucleotide sequence is available in IMGT/HLA Database with the accession number HWS100122239.


HLA-B*44:02, HLA-B*44:02:17, full-length sequence-based typing, HLA-B gene.

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