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DT-07. Working experience of Search Department at the National V. Perevoshchikov Bone Marrow Donor Registry with international marrow donor registries

Galina A. Pisugina, Ekaterina I. Davlyathanova, Ilyas R. Fatyykhov, Olga A. Gerova

Charitable foundation V. Perevoshchikov National Bone Marrow Donor Registry, Moscow, Russia

Contact: Galina A. Pisugina, phone: +7 (963) 327-99-02, e-mail:

doi 10.18620/ctt-1866-8836-2023-12-3-1-176


Until 2020, international search for unrelated donors for patients in the Russian Federation was carried out only with the help of the search center of the Stefan Morsch Foundation (Birkenfeld, Germany). In 2020, the Charitable Foundation “V. Perevoshchikov National Bone Marrow Donors Registry” (National BMDR) has arranged a local search center and established collaboration with all participants by developing the World Association of Unrelated Donors (WMDA) and, thus, it was the first Russian registry to gain experience in direct interactions with foreign donor registries and donor centers.

Patients and methods

Since 2020, the National BMDR has initiated search of donors for 106 patients (53 females, 53 males, aged from 0 to 52 years). In whole, 290 donors were requested. We have HLA-typed the donors and provided stem-cell products for the 77 patients.


Analysis of the donor availability among those requested in 2022-2023 in foreign registries and donor centers: a total of 249 donors from 24 countries were requested. 130 donors were available for selection, 119 were not available for selection (Table 1). The main reasons for unavailability were as follows: failure to reach the donor (53 cases), temporarily unavailable (29 cases) and medical contraindications (18 donors).

The average time for matching an international donor for our patients ranged from 15 to 22 days. Collection of stem cells was carried out at an average of 43 days (35 to 45 days) from the moment of submitting a request for the work-up of the donor. However, in particularly urgent cases, it was possible to carry out the matching and work-up simultaneously, thereby reducing the entire process to 35 days. The product delivery time from the collection center to the transplantation center averaged 20-22 hours (Germany, Poland, Israel, Turkey, etc.). Thus, the National BMDR has worked out a full cycle of interactions with foreign registries and donor centers from the search for a donor to the delivery of a transplant. The search for an international donor via the search center of the National BMDR takes 2.25 months versus 3-4 months via foreign search centers.

Most often, donors were matched from the DKMS registers in Germany and Poland. The choice of a donor from a particular registry was influenced by such factors as: 1) the presence of high-resolution typing; 2) age of the donor; 3) clear standards and organization of work of the foreign registry; 4) the timing of the product delivery from the collection center to the transplant center; 5) costs of services.


International bone marrow donors, search department, donor registry, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Table 1. Result of the requests for international donors


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doi 10.18620/ctt-1866-8836-2023-12-3-1-176

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