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Клеточная терапия и трансплантация
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Gene and cellular therapy: GC-01 – GC-15

GC-01. Development of methods for modifying nano- and microcarriers for in vitro and in vivo imaging

Darya R. Akhmetova1, Timofey E. Karpov1, Alisa S. Postovalova1, Albert R. Muslimov2, Alexander S. Timin1, Mikhail V. Zyuzin3

GC-02. Ofatumumab-based CD20-specific CARs: in vitro and in vivo activity

Tatyana N. Belovezhets, Andrey A. Gorchakov, Sergey V. Kulemzin

GC-03. Increasing transfection level during delivery of genetic material by polymer carriers of complex composition

Anastasia S. Bukreeva1, Anna S. Rogova1, Tatiana V. Machel3, Darya R. Akhmetova1, Alexander S. Timin1,2, Albert R. Muslimov1,2

GC-04. Development of the in vivo model of therapy for prostate cancer and assessment of antitumor activity of oncolytic viruses combined with CAR T-cell immunotherapy

Anton N. Chikaev1, Sergey V. Kulemzin1, Olga Yu. Volkova1, Tatyana N. Belovezhets1, Anastasiya V. Semenova2, Sergey S. Zainutdinov2, Antonina A. Grazhdantseva2, Galina V. Kochneva2

GC-06. Modification of silicon oxide nanocarriers with metal shells for capturing 225AC and its daughter isotopes

Тimofey Е. Karpov, Mikhail V. Zyuzin, Аlexander S. Timin, Dmitry О. Antuganov, Аlbert R. Muslimov

GC-07. Treatment of oncological diseases with micro-carriers using combined therapy

Alisa S. Postovalova1, Timofey E. Karpov1, Darya R. Akhmetova1, Albert R. Muslimov2, Alexander S. Timin1, Mikhail V. Zyuzin3

GC-08. Study of the biodistribution of polymer carriers for further use in gene therapy

Anna S. Rogova1, Anastasia S. Bukreeva1, Alisa S. Postovalova1, Darya R. Akhmetova1, Alexander S. Timin1,2, Albert R. Muslimov1,2

GC-09. Testing of small molecules for homology-directed repair stimulation at CCR5 locus during the transfection of primary human hematopoietic stem cells by CCR5-Uco-TALEN mRNA

Alyona I. Shakirova1, Kirill V. Lepik1, Albert A. Muslimov1, Vladislav S. Sergeev1, T. R. Karpov1, K. I. Anoshkin2, Marina O. Popova1, Boris Fehse1,3, Alexander D. Kulagin1

GC-10. Bioinformatic analysis of the RAD54L oncogene for detecting the effect on the occurrence of hematopoietic stem disorders

Bogdan O. Shcheglov                                                               

GC-11. Complications after chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in adults

Antonina E. Shchekina, Gennady M. Galstyan, Olga A. Gavrilina, Zalina T. Fidarova, Vera V. Troitskaya, Vera A. Vasilyeva, Elena N. Parovichnikova, Michael A. Maschan

GC-12. Combining bispecifics and CARs: novel design of chimeric antigen receptor with CD3E extracellular domain for redirecting antitumor specificity with bispecific antibodies

Daniil I. Shmidt1, Ivan N. Gaponenko1, Nikita D. Yolshin2, Olga S. Epifanovskaya1, Tatyana N. Belovezhets3, Andrey A. Gorchakov3, Sergey V. Kulemzin3, Andrey M. Chekalov1, Elena V. Babenko1, Albert R. Muslimov1, Vladislav S. Sergeev1, Kirill V. Lepik1, Alexander D. Kulagin1

GC-13. Comparative assessment of cryopreservation conditions for K562 and mesenchymal stromal cells cultures

Irina A. Sidorova, Kirill V. Lepik, Albert R. Muslimov, M. A.Trofimov, Olga S. Epifanovskaya, Vladislav S. Sergeev, Alexander D. Kulagin

GC-14. CaCO3 dextran sulfate-coated vaterites as a system for regional doxorubicin administration

Natalia N. Sudareva1,2, Olga M. Suvorova1, Dmitry N. Suslov3, Oleg V. Galibin2, Alexander D. Vilesov1,2

GC-15. Investigation of the characteristics of micro-sized carriers, using “soft lithography” for packaging of genetic material

Anastasia A. Yakubova1,2, Pavel M. Talianov3, Mikhail V. Zyuzin3, Albert R. Muslimov1,2, Alexander S. Timin1